Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023 Fully-funded programme

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023 is a great opportunity for international students to study at one of the best universities in the world, located in Hungary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade supervises the entire Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program in Hungary for 2022–2023, which the Tempus Public Foundation coordinates.

This program is accessible in practically all subjects and allows students to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in Hungary. Hungary Government Scholarships for International Students enable every brilliant and dedicated student to advance their professional growth while honing possibly gained abilities throughout their academic career. Furthermore, it allows students to collaborate with others who hold opposing viewpoints in order to strengthen their position in the global society.

Scholarship Summary

  • Country to Study: Hungary
  • Institution: Several
  • Eligibility Nations: International Students
  • Fields of Study: Several
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Scholarship Degree: Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees/ Ph.D./ One-tier master’s degree/ Non-degree programs
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Program Deadline: January 16, 2023

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023 Scholarship Duration

Scholarship duration varies depending to degree:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: 2-4 Years
  • Master’s Degree: 1.5-2 Years
  • Doctoral Degree: 4 Years
  • One-tier master: 5-6 Years
  • Non-degree Programs: 1 Year

Benefits of the Scholarship

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees/ One-tier master’s degree/ Non-degree program
    • Full tuition fee.
    • Stipend of EUR 120 per month .
    • Free dormitory housing .
    • Free accommodation.
    • Medical insurance up to  EUR 180.
  • Ph.D.
    • Full tuition fee.
    • Free dormitory housing .
    • Free accommodation.
    • Medical insurance up to  EUR 180.
    • Monthly stipend of EUR 390 for the first 4 semesters and EUR 500 for the second 4 semesters .

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants from the eligible countries are welcome to apply.
  • A high school diploma is required for those seeking for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must have a strong academic background.
  • Applicants pursuing master’s degrees must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants pursuing doctorate degrees must hold a master’s degree.
  • A certificate of student status issued by the sending/home university is required for candidates applying for a one-tier or non-degree program.

Document Requirements for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023

  • A copy of the national identification card
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • School Certificates
  • Official Transcript
  • Motivation Letter
  • Health Certificate
  • Language Proficiency Documents
  • Audio Portfolio & Portfolio (for Art and Music applicants only)

How to Apply

Applicants must apply online, providing all essential personal information, such as name, address, date of birth, country, religion, and so on, and completing all needed sections for each level.

Apply Now

For further information about the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2023, please visit the Stipendium Hungaricum website.

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