Russian Federation Scholarship for Afghan Students for the Academic Year 2023–2024

The Russian Federation’s Embassy in Afghanistan offers 500 scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees to young Afghans studying in Russian educational institutions in accordance with Russian higher education programs. This scholarship is intended to assist Afghan cadres and has been designated for the academic year 2023-2024 in Afghanistan.

Scholarship Details

Country to Study: Russia

Organization: The Russian Federation’s Embassy in Afghanistan

Eligible Nations: Afghanistan

Scholarship Degree: Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral

No. of Scholarships: 500

Financial Coverage: Partially-Funded

Required Language: English, Russian

Study Fields: The majority of academic fields

Gender: Any

Deadline: November 30, 2022

Scholarship Benefits

According to Russian law, this scholarship covers the living expenses of international students during their studies. They are also provided with living facilities in educational institution dormitories, in accordance with the conditions set for Russian citizens.

Note: This scholarship does not cover students’ transportation to and from university, health insurance, or food expenses.

You may apply

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2022- University of Helsinki International Scholarship – Finland Government

Study in Canada – University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship


Afghan students who wish to use this scholarship to study for their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in Russia must possess a passport that is valid for at least 1.5 years.

How to Apply

Students who qualify may submit an application through before 30 November 2022. On the aforementioned website, you can find details about the required paperwork as well as step-by-step instructions for completing the application form.

After completing the required application materials, qualified candidates should consult the Department of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Candidates should be aware that the Ministry of Higher Education and the Russian Science Office, along with participating higher education institutions from that nation, make the final selection decision.

Other opportunities

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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program – France Government – Master’s and PhD studies

Awards for Bachelor’s Degrees – University of British Columbia’s (UBC) – 2023 International Scholars Program –

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  1. Dear Sir, I am Haseebullah, the son of Ahmadullah, I graduated from a bachelor’s degree. I belong to one of the private universities in Afghanistan. Because there is a Taliban here in my country, I cannot leave my house. I am under serious restrictions. I cannot continue my studies. I have financial problems

  2. Hi sir
    I am Najia. I am from Afganistan. Here is war and the situation is very bad. The Taliban make girls to don’t go to school, university…
    And we cannot continue our education.please help me to continue my education.

  3. Hi , mr/Mrs I am Mohammad shafi, graduated from a private university, bachelor degree and i hop to continue in mastari degree in Russia.

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  5. سلام خدمت شما
    من نسیبه کریمی هستم از افغانستان من محصل رشته طب هستم اما به دلیل محدودیت های امارت اسلامی وضع کرده نمیتوانم درست به تحصیلاتم رسیدگ نماییم یعنی نمیتوانم به وظیفه ام دامه دهم بنابرین مشکلات مالی دارم و به تحصیلاتم ادامه داده نمیتوانم از شما می‌خواهم در این زمینه کمکم کنید .تشکرر

  6. Hello
    I am nasiba from Afghanistan. Because of limitation that Islamic imarat I cannot continue my work and l have a poor family I can not continue my education. Help me please 786

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    1. Hope you are well, if you want to be included in the process, you must apply, if you do not apply, you will not be included in the process and we cannot help you.

  8. Hello, at your service
    I am Syed Osman Hashemi from Afghanistan, I am interested in computer science, but due to the economic situation, we have a lot of problems in private universities, the fee per semester is 60000AF, but we cannot pay this money, so please help me and cooperate with me. Let’s take care of my education, that means I can’t continue my duty, so I have financial problems and I can’t continue my education. I want you to help me in this field. Thank you.

    1. Hello dear, I hope you are well.
      Dear, if you want to get this scholarship, then please apply, if you don’t apply, we can’t help you.

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