Germany’s New Program for Afghans, The German Federal Government has decided to move at-risk Afghans to Germany through a new initiative

Germany’s New Program for Afghans, The German Federal Government has decided to move at-risk Afghans to Germany through a new initiative. Through this initiative, at-risk Afghans will be able to get a permanent house in Germany. This initiative, in particular, provides an opportunity for at-risk Afghans to become German citizens. There will be a restricted number of people evacuated. Every month, 1,000 Afghans will travel to Germany.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to Germany’s New Program for Afghans?

The following people are eligible to apply:

  • Those who face danger as a result of their involvement in human rights, women’s rights, and other causes.
  • Those who face danger as a result of their work in the fields of law, sports, media, education, policy, and culture.
  • Those who face discrimination due of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, transsexuality, or other characteristics.

Note: This program is only for Afghans who are in Afghanistan. If you are in a second country or if you are in Germany, then you are not eligible to apply.

I am eligible for the program. How do I apply?

Eligible individuals cannot apply directly to the German government. Instead, they should contact the designated civil society groups that Germany has chosen. These are referred to as meldeberechtigte Stellen. For months, these groups have been gathering information and papers from at-risk Afghans and have compiled a large number of documents.

Note, the nominated organizations are not responsible for determining whether or not an application is qualified. They are solely selected to collect information from applicants and submit it to the German government. The result will subsequently be decided by the ministries of interior and outside.

My family is in Germany. Can I approach them using this program?

No, this cannot be your justification for accepting the German Program for Afghans. This program is only for actions in the domains specified above, as well as other societal odds.

Can I take my family with me if I obtain approval?

Absolutely, if you receive an approval letter and have submitted information about your first-degree family members, they will also receive an acceptance letter. Family members are often spouses and single children under the age of 18. You can have a same-sex relationship if the mentioned requirements are met. Furthermore, family members who have a particular link with the initial applicant may be admitted. This reliance should not be justified economically. They are adjustable, for example, if a family member need care and/or cannot live independently.

Family members who face a specific threat as a result of a direct relationship with the applicant may also be admitted. For example, if you are the sister of an accepted at-risk person and you are plainly under jeopardy as a result of your relationship.

Which organizations are now accepting applications for applying to Germany’s New Program for Afghans?

The new German admission scheme for at-risk Afghan residents now applies exclusively to those who have previously registered at legitimate institutions for the registration of at-risk and eligible persons (melderebreghitte Stellen) and have been identified as at-risk. You do not need to register again if you have already contacted the organizations listed below and submitted your information and papers. Currently, the majority of registration authorities are not accepting new applications to transfer and process the files of those at-risk persons who have previously registered for the new German admissions program.

Some institutions in Afghanistan have set up online registration portals for the most vulnerable populations. Please only register with one of the NGOs listed. Registering in all groups will not boost your chances of admittance. Unfortunately, this merely slows down operations.

The Application Procedure

After you apply to one of the selected organizations, they will review your paperwork for risk levels and problems in your home country. If an applicant fits the qualifying criteria, he or she will be sent a direct connection to Germany’s official New Program For Afghans application portal, which will connect them directly to the German government. You may only use the link once, and you will have one hour to complete the form before the website is closed. To complete the form, you must have a strong and fast internet connection. The German federal government has prepared about 100 questions for the program. In addition to these questions, you will be required to answer the following:

  1. Vulnerability (threat) due to gender
  2. Vulnerability (danger) for religious reasons
  3. Vulnerability (danger) for LGBTIQ* community members
  4. Medical treatment needs
  5. life conditions
  6. Personal risks arising from your activities
  7. Your connection with Germany
  8. Preparation for living in Germany (example: knowledge of the German language

It might take months from the time of registration to the time of approval and departure from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, due to the intricate and time-consuming nature of the procedure, your communication with the organizations may be disrupted several times. Those that are admitted are given assistance in leaving Afghanistan. To go to Germany after getting admission and holding the proper documentation, you will first be sent to Afghanistan’s surrounding countries with the assistance of Germany, and you will obtain a visa at the German embassies or consulates in those countries.

How to apply for Germany’s New Program for Afghans?

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