Copenhagen University Scholarships for International Students
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The University of Copenhagen is a public research university in Copenhagen, Denmark. The University of Copenhagen is regarded as one of the finest universities in both the Nordic region and Europe. After Uppsala University, it is Scandinavia’s second-oldest institution.

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) offers a limited number of tuition waivers and grants through the Danish Government Scholarship program. The scholarships are competitive and are available to extremely brilliant students from non-EU/EEU countries with outstanding academic records. All non-EU/EEA applicants who are accepted will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

The Danish Government Scholarship is awarded in the form of full or partial tuition fee exemptions and/or an amount sufficient to cover basic living expenses.

The University distributes scholarships purely on the basis of academic accomplishment; therefore, financial necessity is not taken into account.

Summary of the Scholarship

  • Host Country: Denmark.
  • Host Institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH).
  • Scholarship Degree: Masters/ Ph.D.
  • Eligible Nations: International Students.
  • Financial Type: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: January 16, 2023.
  • Study Subjects: All available fields here

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A citizen of a country other than the EU, EEA (European Economic Area), or Switzerland.
  • Admission to the University of Copenhagen’s master’s degree program.
  • awarded a time-limited residency visa to study at a higher educational institution in Denmark.

Note – If you meet the following criteria, you are ineligible for a Danish Government Scholarship:

  • Have a legal claim to Danish residents’ rights.
  • Are eligible for a payment under Danish law under the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU).
  • have been granted a residence permit at the time of admission under the Danish Aliens Consolidations Act 9c, subsection 1, as the child of a foreign citizen granted a residence permit under the Danish Aliens Consolidations Act 9m and who is a citizen of a country that has not acceded to the EU or is not covered by the EEA agreement.

How to Apply

  • Read the relevant application processes for the institution.
  • Submit an application to UCPH for the selected faculty before the application deadline.
  • Admission fees must be paid.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

Apply Now

For further information, visit the website of University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

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